3D imaging

The Veraviewepocs 3D is a state-of-art panoramic X-ray unit for 3-D imaging. High in resolution and low in X-radiation the exposure, it offers easy positioning and image manipulation, versatile image processing, and brilliant, distortion-free 3-D images.

  • 3-D and panoramic imaging and cephalometric options which can be added at a later time
  • Single cassette for 3-D images - just click your region of interest on the panoramic view 
  • High-resolution, contrast-rich images of both hard and soft tissue with minimal artefacts - and no distortion 
  • Easy image processing with intelligent volume rendering and real- time reslice 
  • View 3-D images on any computer or export them to third-party software for more specialized processing 
  • Low radiation exposure for patients and instrument operators